As a consultant I have meetings at all times of the day.  One of my first steps in my day is to check my calendar to understand just how much time I have before I need to join my first meeting, and to review my meetings to make sure I’ve done the proper preparation ahead of time.  When I started to have a customer with occasional 4am meetings I decided I needed to be reminded to set the appropriate alarm the night before.  Enter Power Automate / Flow.

I chose to use Power Automate because it in a way runs under my context and is able to send push notifications to my phone as a standard connector.

Here is an overview of the Flow ->

As you can see, I’ve chosen to ignore any meeting which is not with another person, meaning any ‘reminder’ events about who is on holiday or some urgent work that must be completed today will not cause a push notification on my phone.

Here is the detail of my steps:


After having gone through my whole setup I found this Microsoft post on how they created a template with more features but many more steps.  Check it out if you want to explore other options.