Recently, I have had the opportunity to expand my purview to all of Microsoft’s services (i.e. Azure), not just in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 arena.  That includes all Azure products, i.e. analytics, IaaS, PaaS, machine learning, Power Platform, et cetera in addition to Dynamics.  Being a long time (13 year) Dynamics technical guru, I found this was my next greatest challenge.  And yes, I have find myself implementing Spark, Databricks, IoT and other great technologies which enable digital transformation.  The truth is that I would benefit from deep experience in those areas to accelerate my solutions and assist in delivering value faster – hey- let’s agree that I’ve already embraced these technologies- and yet a wise man knows when assistance would be useful; I want to connect with experienced professionals who know modern analytics technologies and can execute MCA Connect’s vision for Data Estates.  MCA Connect as a partner has reserved an amazing budget to invest in … well let’s talk *wink*.  Several enhancements in Azure and Dynamics have opened up new possibilities and the time is now to make a career change!

My challenge today, is that I want to build an amazing solution/product, but at the same time I do not have enough focused time to see my vision to reality; meanwhile, I also know that there are plenty of people who can assist me to get from A to B faster without requiring me learning the deep dark DEPTHS of each technology over several months or years.  In the end, I need to find a super strong Azure Data Engineer, and a strong Azure Analytics Engineer/Consultant.  If you’d like to be a part of something unique and special, building an amazing suite of products and challenging the capabilities of current modern analytics technologies, please reach out to me and let’s do something revolutionary together!!  I want to conquer the world together with strong leaders!  You can be a part of an amazing team, building the next generation of analytics and IoT… it only takes a conversation.  Apply to MCA’s Azure Data Engineer job opening and/or just message me and let’s talk!