After making a change to the data dictionary AX will synchronize to the SQL database.  If you have turned off configuration keys the window which pops up shows many warnings, most of which can be ignored every time.  How do you know which of the warnings should be reviewed?

Open SQL Server and run the following command.  It lists the warnings and errors in one consolidated grid and it ignores any configuration key warnings which can be disregarded.

select TableName,
       case MessageType
              when 0 then ‘Header’
              when 1 then ‘Warning’
              when 2 then ‘Error’
              else Convert(nvarchar(5), MessageType)
       end as MessageType,
from SqlSyncInfo
where MessageType <> 0 — remove headers
       and [Text] not like ‘%disabled%’ — disabled configuration keys can be ignored
order by MessageType, [Sequence]