List the versions for all DLLs which will load in AX using the Get-AxDllVersions. Download the PowerShell script.  Run this script against all machines running the AX client (RDP/Citrix/end-user) and servers. This is useful to confirm that all DLLs deployed match in file version.

Example 1: Export DLL Versions for Local Machine

Example single value:
ComputerName : Server1
FileVersion : 6.3.5000.3084
ProductVersion : 6.3.5000.3084
OriginalName : Microsoft.Dynamics.Retail.TestConnector.dll
FilePath : DAXDEVMCA1c$Program FilesMicrosoft Dynamics AX60ServerServer1binConnectors
FileDescription :
ProductName : Microsoft Dynamics AX Status : Success

Example 2: Retrieving Multiple Server DLL Versions

.Get-AxDllVersions.ps1 -ComputerName "Server1","Server2"

Example 3: Export Multiple Server DLL Versions to CSV

.Get-AxDllVersions.ps1 -ComputerName (Get-Content "ComputerList.txt")  | Export-csv "c:tempAX_DLL_Versions.csv" -NotypeInformation


The script must be run as an account having Administrator access all computers. The script will skip any offline/inaccessible computers.